21 Things you didn't know about Sar Allen

Writer | Speaker | Presenter | Coach | Marketer

Sar doesn't do coffee. Pass the herbal tea, instead! #micdrop | It's morning exercise or not at all | Loves to journal in a pink sparkly book | Believes if you ain't learning, you start dying | Puts hot sauce on everything | Her Groodle puppy Roxy chews laptop cords #sorelaxedrightnow | Addicted to her iPhone (but trying to disconnect) | Believes that people are essentially good | Always gets the date wrong | English major at University | Writes kids stories for fun | Married to a hot thriller author | Could smother her two boys in kisses, 24-7 | Runs half marathons, training for a full  in 2018 | Is an 80's music concert groupie | Loves to have conversations of the heart | Is a convert to the power of gut health | Mantra: 70% is good enough | Loves making new friends | Will travel to a different country every year | Knows you were born to stand out. 

Style: (def'n.) the manner in which something is expressed or performed, considered as separate from its intrinsic content, meaning, etc.

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