Meet Sar Allen

As an intuitive coach and high vibe business leader, Sar Allen is a powerhouse of ideas, energy, creativity and fun.

Sarah combines 20 years of media, marketing, social media and brand experience, 5 years of personal development and success within the social marketing industry together with her training as an intuitive High Vibe Coach.

Sar loves to lift her vibe by meditating, dancing to music, tapping, gardening, running coastal trails, taking spin classes, traveling, meeting new people and investing in her own continual learning. She is a personal development junkie, a bookworm and writes kids stories for fun.

Sar relocated from Sydney to the idyllic Illawarra South Coast in 2016 to access the lifestyle most people dream about. She lives in Gerringong, two hours south of Sydney, where the country meets the sea.


Things you don't know about Sar Allen

Coach | Writer | Speaker | Presenter | Marketer

For Sar, personal growth is about getting uncomfortable | Believes that by raising our energy we create the conditions to become our best self | Sar doesn't do coffee. Pass the fizz sticks or herbal tea, instead! | Prefers to exercise in the morning, but loves her bed equally | Loves to journal in a sparkly book | Believes if you ain't learning, you start dying | Puts hot sauce on everything | Her Groodle Roxy chews everything | Addicted to her iPhone (but learning to disconnect) | Believes that people are good | Always gets the date and time wrong - thank goodness for scheduling apps | Gained a Communications and English major at University | Has wriiten a kids story | Could smother her two boys in kisses, 24-7 | Is an 80's music and live festival groupie | Loves to have conversations of the heart | Is a convert to the power of gut health | Mantra for Perfectionists: 70% is good enough | Is always making new friends | International traveler | Believes the universe rewards vulnerability | Knows you were born to shine and stand out. 

The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results.
— Tony Robbins