Five Ways With Skincare

It's been a busy week with family, friends, work, errands, business plans, and a house that needs cleaning thrice (with as many unfolded washing baskets thrown in for good measure).

So when we are so busy, how do we fit a good self-care routine in?

I get asked this a bit, and so wanted to share some tips and tricks, because when we manage to master our self-care, skincare, exercise and sleep routine, the week runs better, no matter what is in it.

With regards to skincare, it's easy to do it when you see the results the next day!

1. In the morning. 

In the morning, it's about fitting in a skincare routine on the fly. The cleanser is in the shower, and then collagen boosting products like the Arbonne RE9 toner, serum, day and eye creme plus the new Genius Facial Oil are all applied in between checking the kids are ready for school (read: shouting down the hallway "get your shoes and socks on!"). It takes all of 90 seconds and then we are set for the day ahead. Good skincare, good skin. 

2. Treatment time.

When there's a spare moment, I'll chuck on a ten minute mask and do the vacuuming, answer emails, pack lunches, make calls, put clothes away while it dries. Arbonne's Exfoliating New Cell Scrub with jojoba beads doubles as a mask because it has bentonite clay in it to draw our any impurities, and then you get the scrub benefits as you wash it off. Sweet deal.

3. In the evening.

When putting the kids into PJ's and brushing teeth, that's when I get my makeup off and do my nighttime routine. Anything after 8pm and I'm too tired, so teeth brushing time (which can take an interminably long number of minutes) means one can wash the day away and apply all those nutrient-rich goodies to work while you're snoozing and dreaming.

4. Bedside manner.

A powerful lip treatment from the Intelligence range by Arbonne is the perfect sleeping buddy, I keep mine by the bed. That way, there's no forgetting to take it! Or at the very least, they watch me while I'm sleeping, and there's got to be some benefit in that, don't you reckon?

5. While you were sleeping.

I've taken to pimping my skincare routine so that the evenings are the time when we can truly rejuvenate overnight. Our Advanced Cellular Renewal Mask is not for the faint-hearted, but start a minute or two at a time, and work up to using it overnight, so you can Cleanse, use the Genius Pads, and apply a thin layer of Cellular Renewal Mask before finishing with a touch of your favourite night cream! I like the fact that it works while I sleep. Another option is our Soothing Overnight Mask. Heaven.

Oh and drink water, get enough sleep and eat well (says she with the current ice cream addiction).

Eating: ice cream and milo

Wearing: Tahitian Coconut Lip Balm (limited edition)

Watching: The Mod Squad

Wearing: Cotton On leopard print pajama pants

Working with: Passion Planner

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There's nothing quite like a mini break.  

We had an opportunity to take a trip down to Wollongong, south of Sydney, for a kids performance called Disney On Ice at the WIN Stadium.

On arrival we do what we usually do, find the nearest beach for a quick play.

Immediately the kids start to explore and find a stick to play with. What is it with boys and sticks? 

Rhett finds a small shell to present, and the boys dig around in the sand for an hour, content as I survey the grey horizon and snap photos on an oversized iPhone. 

Just one minute of activity captured on Wollongong Beach - they never stop! 

Just one minute of activity captured on Wollongong Beach - they never stop! 

I love how transient sand is, you think it's all just plonked there for eternity, but it really is in a constant state of flux, shifting with the tides and the winds. With the latest king tides across the east coast of Australia, houses were toppled in Collaroy when the sand bank was evacuated by the storm, and a huge mountain of sand (the worlds biggest sand castle) in Bulli had simply vanished into the ocean overnight. 

Theres this thing about sand too, that tells me something about the human condition. If you hold a handful of sand gently in your hand it will rest there and be contained by your gappy, imperfect fingers.

But hold the sand too tight, grip it too fiercely, and the grains will slip through the crevices of your hand and escape back to the beach. It won't work - the pressure to trap the sand will create its escape route.

Still for one trillisecond. 

Still for one trillisecond. 

After the beach, we adjourned to a nearby wine and food venue for a sundowner, dinner with two wriggly boys, and the world's best nine hours sleep anyone can imagine. 

Watching: Disney on Ice

Wearing: Kate Spade sparkly star jumper

Staying: Novotel Wollongong

Eating: Pork Ribs at The [M]eatery 

Visiting: Jaqueline Burgess Art at Woonona and Bulli


What's in a moon?

The moon brings me into a different state of being.

That giant's fingernail, a sliver of goldenness, hanging low in the sky.

Or a full white orb. Blazing its' light like a beacon in the wee hours of the morning.

I'll stand outside, regarding the moon from my porch, wondering at it from the garden, wherever there is the best view.

Or I'll grab our kids, pajama'd and ready for bed, and show them the sight, pick out some stars, and enjoy that special moment of moonlit cuddles.

The moon makes us realise that we are small creatures, yet part of something bigger. It's the best reminder to pull us out of ego and into the picture on a grand scale.

Lately I've been watching a loved one, helpless, as they chart their course into illness and ours into grief. It's a journey with no return. We are sad, impossibly sad, but also grateful for small moments stolen together, for family time, for the kind words from friends, and appreciative of the little things that mean so much.

We don't have much time, and none of us know when our clock stops. It feels at times like these, kindness, love and care makes the world go round.

At times like these, the moments we can spend watching the moon and feeling it's unique pull, somehow helps. Reinforcing that it's time to seize the now, and let your people know just how much you love them.

Current mood: wistful, heartfelt

Drinking: tea (in a Wills + Kate wedding mug)

Wearing: Fabletics pants, Bering watch, Arbonne Intelligence lip treatment

Listening to: Dora the Explorer in the background

Traveling to: Perth 

Reading: The Obstacle is the Way

Fave Quote:

"Love always protects
Love always trusts
Love always hopes
Love always perserveres
Love never fails."

Think bigger

A trip away is the ultimate freshen upper.

When you hit foreign shores you get out of your comfort zone.

The streets smell different, the sun hits your back at a new angle and there are fresh accents in the air.

From having a range of restaurants to choose from (as opposed to cooking at home) or working by the resort pool (instead of the kitchen table), this all repesents a break from routine, and when it's a working break like my annual Vegas vacay, theres a whole lot of new stuff to learn and absorb.

There's always many takeaways from a beautifully orchestrated event like a global training conference, and here are mine for this year.

Think bigger

This has to be an ongoing theme in 2016. It's coming at me from different angles and the challenge is to start implementing these ideas on how to up my game in a number of different areas.

One thing I know, if you stay comfortable, your rate of learning goes into decline. So time to get uncomfortable by setting up a few more projects - at least when I have that "out of my safe zone" feeling, I know I'm in the right place.

Pay it forward

Playing bigger means thinking beyond the individual self. Helping your community, whether doing a reading group or a clean up or uniting people for a good cause. Caring for someone going through a tough time. And of course doing somethingfor people outside of your community too.

In that light we will continue to fundraise for the Arbonne Charitable Foundation - we have already helped over 90,000 teens rebuild their self esteem and realize their self worth. And if you have a teen project you'd like support and funding with, we'd like to assist you with that. Find out details here.

For Chris and I, we also have some important projects with the mob from Veterans off the Streets Australia - Chris is an inaugural ambassador - starting with donating 10% of all profits from his new novella RANGER, which covers the real and growing issue of homelessness from returned vets.

There are more than 3,000 guys and gals coming back from war in Iraq and Afghanistan, suffering from PTSD and mental health issues, becoming estranged from their families and disappearing off the grid. These people need our support and our love.

Don't hold back

There's a quote that I have loved for years, since we started Chris's self-publishing journey back in 2010 - "what would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?"

There's no point in letting the music in you be muffled by the fear of what others might think of your tune.

Here's to a few months ahead working on embracing our true selves, doing our best, getting to that next elusive level. 


And just as a trip begins with the anticipation of the new and exciting experiences, so as we fly over Bondi Beach and Centennial Park bathed in Sydney's soft morning light, there's a quiet feeling of contentment in knowing that a big portion of my heart will be waiting at the arrivals gate for crazy kisses andcuddles.

There's never any place quite like home.


Drinking: tea

Eating: Virgin inflight muffin (clean and lean restarts tomorrow)

Reading: Dare to Dream

Watching: Batkid Begins

Wearing: Kit and Ace singlet, Fabletics pants, JustFab sneaker wedges (ship to Australia soon please)

Spritzing: Arbonne RE9 Toner in-flight to maintain hydration and PH balance 

Longing for: cuddles, and my washing machine (SRSLY)

Excited about: Arbonne's new Genius Ultra skincare device! A complete game-changer for your skin. 

Impossibly Imperfect

Whenever I travel overseas something happens.

Maybe it's the long haul air travel, and the fact we have no phone calls, emails, messages, notification or texts coming in.

I get inspired.

Lately I've been thinking and learning on so many topics.

Mastering mindset, the power of the universe and how we fit in, living in the moment, and lots more.

It's a meander down Development Lane - a daily practice - I'm indulging a new interest in getting to know oneself better, getting comfortable and confident with what's on the inside and the out.

At the same time, here's an idea floating around in my brainbox, around wanting to make a more conscious contribution to my blog, creative and fulfilling and of use to others.

On the way to the airport, I casually remarked to one of my fave bloggers and people and biz partners about another blog I had liked, which was of the lifestyle variety, except that of course my life was "impossibly imperfect."

This week, taking flight above Sydney's silken harbour, there was a moment, probably evoked by the sight of the waves woven together into one tapestry, where it seemed like the individual drop of water and the greater mass had all become one.

And so an idea was born. A new blog direction in the hope of sharing some topics that inspire me and hopefully you.

I thought, why not document some of those individual moments of enlightenment and learning, or even if it turns into a hot mess? 

So, as with many things I've done - from running a publishing venture to having my own wellness business - it's going to start with one small step.

The vision is to riff on the topics, themes and issues - triggered by real-life experience - and showcasing a bit of our fun, zany, big-dreaming, and often crazy lives in the process.

I hope you manage a look-in occasionally - that it inspires you to dream and imagine where life can take you, push yourself outside the comfort zone, be creative, laugh, practice what makes you happy. Maybe even to learn or try something new, or to look at the possibilities within life in a different light.

I'm off in America for a week, and while it will be busy, it might present an opportunity for more moments like these, captured in the air, on the phone, literally on the fly.

View from The Bellagio

View from The Bellagio

Love and light, 

sar x


Current mood: inspired, reflective

Looking forward to: blue cheese dressing on everything in the USA. And a run.

Go to air travel beauty staple: Arbonne Intelligence Lip Treatment

Carrying: two iPhones. And loving it

Next purchase: a power adaptor

Next read: the new Huffington book on The Sleep Revolution

Next watch: Joy

Wish I'd: changed the batteries on my Bose noise cancelling headphones before flying

Drinking: water (for now)

Looking at: my wedding rings. I love them and they remind me of our family

Today's quote: "i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart)" - E.E Cummings


What are we here for

I'm not on this earth to be popular. I'm not here to be a pleaser. I'm certainly not here to whinge about my life and do nothing about it.

I'm a do something kinda gal. I'm here to make a better life for my family and loved ones.

I'm here to give back. Im here to serve and help others - should they wish to help themselves first, that is.

I'm here to find out what true happiness is and find ways to live it every day.

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Pyramid my arse.

One year ago, I decided to stop swapping time for money, and start a network marketing business.

I decided to make some time for it in amongst the other office work and businesses I run, and supported by my gorgeous thriller-writing husband, who knows what reoccurring income is all about (and how hard you have to work for it), and got started.

A year is going to pass whether I start something new or not, so it was fantastic that the natural energy I had for the business combined with consistent learning, being coachable and being open, oh and that special ingredient determination and elbow grease, is now paying off.

From a year ago, there's now a network of thirty of us doing this business, some fast, some slow, as well as a network of clients numbering in the hundreds who choose our pure, safe and beneficial 500-strong range over the toxins that appear in store bought products.

Still though, there's something we continue to come up against, time and again, which is the preconceived idea that a network marketing business is akin to running a pyramid scheme.

To that, I have to say - quite politely, but firmly:

Pyramid my arse.

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Human Brochure

A week or so ago, we took a jaunt to visit Canberra.

Why not?

It's a nice place to visit sure, we love it.

This time though #visitcanberra made it a super special experience by inviting us to be part of their 101 Local Humans project, their #humanbrochure.

We packed up, drove to the beaut Medina apartments (thanks for the fruit basket, wine, eggs and bacon - so thoughtful!), and began our adventure at the National Portrait Gallery.

There have been money-can't-buy experiences abounding this weekend, from an art session for toddlers at the Gallery, a private tour, then a family bbq with our best Canberra buddies and the original Local Humans who invited us down, beers at the cool-as-coconut Honkytonks, and peddling as a family around Lake Burley Griffin.

So spoilt, we know it doesn't get much better than this.

Thank you and we can't wait to #visitcanberra on our own #humanbrochure tour again soon!


People find inspiration in unexpected places. This morning, inspiration struck whilst wandering into a room featuring an upturned wicker basket of small people’s shoes.

The inspiration was not due the pint-sized jogger-shaped mess on the floor - created by one four year old simply to wanting to see what was at the bottom of the basket – rather the framed words of wisdom from Dr Seuss buried amongst the stuffed toys, Thunderbird rockets and Lego blocks on the shelving nearby.

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As the happy recipient two young boys under five, a gorgeous thriller writer husband, two businesses and a slightly neurotic poodle, life is full, funny, busy... complete with a two year old who would prefer to be a nudist all-year-round but especially during winter. 

But just sometimes, it's hard to carve out time to bring one back to one's pre-bridal, youthful, radiant self. Especially without having slept in - oh - years.

For those of you that haven't made it your business to test out of your favourite botanically-based Swiss beauty range, here's my Top Ten Arbonne pamper picks for women, men, and a few gift ideas that will have any lucky recipient in raptures.

  1. Makeup Primer - Did you hear? Not to prime is a crime. Don't be a law breaker; get that silky stuff on. It helps foundation stay flawless for longer, which helps when one has fallen asleep in one's makeup and is running late for school drop offs the following morning. ($51) 
  2. It's a Long Story Mascara - Our high performance product opens the eye as it lengthens, so you can put your eyelash curlers to better use, like assisting with making mud pies at the correct consistency.
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