Five Years Into a Lifetime of Learning

When I started my online retail business i remember feeling overwhelmed, small and challenged… like I has a lot to do. I even sat in the bath in Vegas in April 2014 and wrote myself a letter of where I wanted to be 12 months from now, all the while eating cold macaroni and cheese!

I was determined to become known in my new business so I had to get to work on myself. Hearing that my thoughts become things I decided to take a good hard look at my mindset, to monitor what happens inside my mind, it was creating my reality, and I had the power to change those neural pathways if I wanted to.

The learning and personal growth I have experienced over the past five years has been phenomenal - I have much greater awareness of who I am, my strengths and flaws, and am working to uncover and clear some of my deep-seated fears and unconscious beliefs to free up how I see the world and what I am able to create in my short but impactful time on earth. 

I’m doing this work to help myself and others, and have embarked on a satisfying and challenging certification to become an intuitive coach - something I’ve yearned to do for years, and also an investment in myself.

While I’ve been busy at work on myself - here are some reflections what happens when you get outside of your comfort zone.

  • CHALLENGE YOURSELF: I’ve cultivated a new love of challenging myself - whether physically to do things I firmly believe I cannot be or do (like run a marathon!) and in business.

  • SET SMART GOALS: It’s a vital skill to learn, goal setting. It’s a practice I’m actually quite naturally averse to, but it really does yield life-changing impacts. I’ve risen to the third level of four in my wellness company. This is simply a title and my belief is that we never “arrive”, we have never “made it”, that there is always more to do. And once we make it to the top of the company, that’s when our training wheels come off! This is simply part of my apprenticeship and my goal is to bring 100 people to the top of this company with me!

  • APPRECIATE LIFE: I used to be intensely fearful of death, of becoming nothing, of ceasing to exist. But now I know in my core that we are so privileged to experience life, and I have an intense appreciation for the present. I would not have reached this milestone and deep knowing in my development without my business journey. And for that I am grateful. 

  • FIND YOUR SOUL SISTERS: We have cultivated a collection of the most incredible leaders - I have gratitude for their growth and commitment, their spirit and energy. An extraordinary group of normal people from all walks of life who can see the beauty and simplicity of our business, are keen for a better way to work, and want to help others. We arrange leadership academies, wellness weekends, training and events, we present at our conferences, we walk the stage to be recognized and are receiving top achiever awards for all of Australia and New Zealand. We know that what works. 

  • CULTIVATE NETWORKS: We have become closely connected to many other leaders in other teams and creating a hugely supportive business network, loving and collaborative, with true friendships with some of the best and kindest people I know.

  • LEAN IN: As we know, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. We all begin where we begin, and that’s OK. But don’t delay the journey just because you can’t see where you’re going, or where it leads. All I can promise you is that if you can lean into YOUR journey, it will be the most spectacular adventure you can imagine.

I am so grateful for you, because just by reading this you are helping me build a network of consumers who choose products without toxins, animal products or testing, fillers, endocrine disrupters. We are here to drive social change and make our world a better place.