Transforming Fear to Love

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I’ve been training to become a certified Intuitive Guide and Third Level Priestess with the Intuitive Intelligence Institute for the past year now. This has been such an adventure from start to finish. The training to become an Intuitive Guide is about harnessing the power of our intuition and unpacking all our fears we have gathered along the way. In becoming an intuitive coach we become aware that our intuition is available to us at any moment. But even after a year of training, it’s still scary, there is still fear to be faced. One thing I have learned in becoming an intuitive coach and mentor is that you have to get out of the way and let your heart guide.

On the weekend I was called to host #communionsunday on a Facebook group called I Am Spiritually Fierce (it has over 4,000 members, you should check it out!) I’ve had reasons not to do it in the past months but with a firm guiding and loving hand from Dr Ricci Jane Adams, the Institute’s founder, this finally felt like the right time and I had a beautiful message to share around transforming fear to love.

After a beautiful heart coherence exercise where I accessed my non-local intuition, here is what I had to share…

There is a beautiful, clad in red, a vibrant dark-haired goddess, and she’s feisty and she is bright and spirited and she has a strong message and her name is Kali. And Goddess Kali is fierce with love. And her message is:

Why do you keep turning from one thing to the next with such indecisiveness? Why do you doubt yourself. Why are you wasting time? Why do you allow yourself to be controlled by fear? You’re so busy going from this to this, if you could just pan back on the big picture, what would you see?

You would not see fear. You would see the beauty of the earth we live on, you would see the whales breaching, you would see the mountains, you would see a blade of grass and you would not be met with fear. You would be full of wonder, and joy, at the beauty that is life. And you are life. And you were created from love, not from fear, so why are you living in fear?

You are beautiful, strong, you’re alive, you’re breathing, you get up each day. Fear is for survival, but we are here to become more and more conscious and to express ourselves. Fear contracts and you can’t express yourself when you are contracted.

Love and self-love, loving yourself first, stop worrying about everyone else, worry about yourself and give love into yourself first.

What can you do to create an exquisite life for yourself? To make each moment so beautiful for you, that it lights you up? Not to be afraid, because this fear, what is it, it’s fear of being alone, being rejected, unloved, fear of not being enough. But once you’re loving yourself in every moment of the day, none of that matters, because you are enough - for yourself.

Write a list. A list of the things you have done that you are proud of. What are you proud of in yourself, the things you’ve achieved in your life? Learning to drive a manual car, learning a new language, giving birth, is it having a beautiful heart, write the list of the things you’re proud of in yourself and keep adding to it to understand your self worth.

Abandon the fear – it will cripple you. The fears you thought you’ve gotten rid of and cleared out, they will come back worse than ever. If you’ve not experienced this before, when it happens, know the fear is not real. None of it is real, and we have the opportunity when we are gripped by this fear that wants to suffocate and strangle and take us down, and keep us small - we have the opportunity to return to love and take the fear away.

So when it happens, know that you are not alone, and know that we have a choice it’s how quickly you want to take the decision in how you are going to respond and return to love.*

This was the Goddess Kali giving us her fiercely loving message - and she was not going to let any of us to surrender to fear, who wanted us to surrender to love instead and to love ourselves first.

If this has resonated with you, here’s what you can do to process it.

  • Take some time to journal how you feel about this

  • Write the list of things you are proud of in your life

  • Practice conscious breathing, take deep breaths any time you go into that place of fear

  • Recognise you are not alone, we all have fear, we all carry it around

Yes, we can all be taken under by the feeling of fear if we allow it, but it’s a much nicer place when we can transmute that fear into love.

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* These words are directly transcribed from a Live Facebook video on the I Am Spiritually Fierce Facebook Group on 14 July 2019.