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Five Years Into a Lifetime of Learning

When I started my online retail business i remember feeling overwhelmed, small and challenged… like I has a lot to do. I even sat in the bath in Vegas in April 2014 and wrote myself a letter of where I wanted to be 12 months from now, all the while eating cold macaroni and cheese!

I was determined to become known in my new business so I had to get to work in my biz but also work on myself. Hearing that my thoughts become things I decided to take a good hard look at my mindset, to monitor what happens inside my mind, it was creating my reality, and I had the power to change those neural pathways if I wanted to.

The learning and personal growth I have experienced over the past five years has been phenomenal - I have much greater awareness of who I am, my strengths and flaws, and am working to uncover and clear some of my deep-seated fears and unconscious beliefs to free up how I see the world and what I am able to create in my short but impactful time on earth. 

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Shout out to the start of Term Three

Yeah, Term Three, I can see you, and honey BELIEVE ME when I say you looking sooooooo fyyyyne.

Sure, I love cleaning up the kitchen five times before 11am. I love all the snacks, the science experiments, digging in the garden, impromptu handball tournaments, movie nights, cushion fortresses, watching hour long home videos, and hilarious post-cleaner lamington fights.

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