Shout out to the start of Term Three

Yeah, Term Three, I can see you, and honey BELIEVE ME when I say you looking sooooooo fyyyyne.

Sure, I love cleaning up the kitchen five times before 11am. I love all the snacks, the science experiments, digging in the garden, impromptu handball tournaments, movie nights, cushion fortresses, watching hour long home videos, and hilarious post-cleaner lamington fights.

I love the trips to the beach, the parks, the science museum, the Bowlo, the RSL, the shops (“can I have a toy today?”), the cafe, the movies.

But you know what I really, really, REALLLY like?

A quiet, zen place between the hours of 9-3pm to work. A kitchen without 24 separate pieces of detritus on it. A calm, relaxed dog at my feet. A cup of herbal tea sans playdough. Time to think a clear thought. And more than 1.4 minutes to sit at my desk and execute my life’s work.

So, I see you Term Three, sitting over there next to Sunday, all clean uniform and packed lunch, looking at me like a big ol’ FLIRT.

I’m coming atcha. In. SIX. More. Sleeps.

photo-1513542789411-b6a5d4f31634 pencils.jpg