I love you, I do

Sometimes the hardest and best thing you can do is learn to love yourself. 

Recently I have been set a task - a hard task - of looking yourself in the mirror and telling yourself 'I love you'.

In the past, I have dismissed this as fanciful - not for me - indulgent, even - but deep down knew it was something I’d need to do. So here we are.

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The other side of Fear

As a child, I was terrified of death. To the point of convincing myself that it would not happen to me. That the doctors and scientists of the world would invent a way to stop it from happening. To me. As a child, this was fear-based, ego-based thinking. Not that I knew that, and I never voiced my darkest fear so couldn’t get a better way of understanding it. Bless.

Fast forward to adulthood and there is a path we have each followed to understand life and death. I have lost friends and family so very loved, and each time they have gone with dignity and grace, and I’ve come to face a common fear that none of us will get out of this alive.

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