Human Brochure

A week or so ago, we took a jaunt to visit Canberra.

Why not?

It's a nice place to visit sure, we love it.

This time though #visitcanberra made it a super special experience by inviting us to be part of their 101 Local Humans project, their #humanbrochure.

We packed up, drove to the beaut Medina apartments (thanks for the fruit basket, wine, eggs and bacon - so thoughtful!), and began our adventure at the National Portrait Gallery.

There have been money-can't-buy experiences abounding this weekend, from an art session for toddlers at the Gallery, a private tour, then a family bbq with our best Canberra buddies and the original Local Humans who invited us down, beers at the cool-as-coconut Honkytonks, and peddling as a family around Lake Burley Griffin.

So spoilt, we know it doesn't get much better than this.

Thank you and we can't wait to #visitcanberra on our own #humanbrochure tour again soon!