Face-to-face and heart-to-heart

Last month, I went to a conference for my new business. It was in Las Vegas.

I mean, a girl's got to go there at least once in her life, right? But it was also for work. I wanted to see the Chief Exec of the new company speak, get a sense for the leadership and culture first hand.

And I wanted to drink martinis, eat at Hooters and get some new boots at the Outlet Mall.

(That's what you do in Vegas, of course)

So off I went, and loved every minute. Apart from the heart-wrenching feeling missing the boys on Mother's Day, the day before I was due to come home.

But I was there for my business and my family (and my wardrobe) - I had another, higher purpose than just drinking martinis and eating buffalo wings (which were, just incidentally, deep fried with a side of blue cheese dressing).

I heard so many great people speak that week on the stage at the MGM Grand, and committed it to memory.

There was this one phrase that I still can't let go of.

"This is a face-to-face, heart-to-heart business."

What does that even mean? Why did I like it so much?

I spend a lot of time on the computer. We all do. I don't want to regret getting to the end of my life and wishing I hadn't spend a large chunk of it staring at a screen.

So any opportunity to break that chain and build a business on getting out and (gasp) seeing people, travelling, creating momentum, making connections, and building relationships -- as well as helping to actively create the life I want for our family -- it made sense.

And I like spending time with people who have similar values, who want to build something good, laughing and learning and creating together.

So yes, there will always be a place for technology in my life. I connect with communities online and get satisfaction from my many and varied types of work.

But I've made a decision, and I'm energised by it. I'm building a business and a life that takes it back to basics.



That's it.

How do you build your business and life?