What are we here for

It's not a popularity contest

I'm not on this earth to be popular. I'm not here to be a pleaser. I'm certainly not here to whinge about my life and do nothing about it.

I'm a do something kinda gal. I'm here to make a better life for my family and loved ones.

It's about finding out what is someone's life passion and dream and how can you help them achieve it? Nothing is impossible if you're prepared to work at it, and never give up.

But sometimes we need a friend to connect us up with a person who can help, act as a mentor, or bridge a gap so we make it to the next stage of our journey.

Give back to receive

I'm here to give back. I'm here to serve and help others - should they wish to help themselves first, that is. It's a two way street and I want people to meet me in the middle.

I'm here to find out what true happiness is and find ways to live it every day.

I'm here to be an adventurer of the world, to get uncomfortable, to live large, make a difference, be kind to others, and never ever make someone feel like they are lesser or greater than the rest of us.

Work hard, live well

I'm here to figure out who I am, to be myself, and live the best life possible.

It's not always easy, there will be constant challenges, but with obstacles come growth. I'm up for the challenge, and I'm definitely up for the continual learning and evolution.

Most of all, I'm here to shine a light on what is possible, for friends and people I've never met yet, and my kids - who see every day what being an entrepreneur means, and will learn how important it is to keep dreaming the impossible.

Are you ok with that?