Five Ways With Skincare

It's been a busy week with family, friends, work, errands, business plans, and a house that needs cleaning thrice (with as many unfolded washing baskets thrown in for good measure).

So when we are so busy, how do we fit a good self-care routine in?

I get asked this a bit, and so wanted to share some tips and tricks, because when we manage to master our self-care, skincare, exercise and sleep routine, the week runs better, no matter what is in it.

With regards to skincare, it's easy to do it when you see the results the next day!

1. In the morning. 

In the morning, it's about fitting in a skincare routine on the fly. The cleanser is in the shower, and then collagen boosting products like the Arbonne RE9 toner, serum, day and eye creme plus the new Genius Facial Oil are all applied in between checking the kids are ready for school (read: shouting down the hallway "get your shoes and socks on!"). It takes all of 90 seconds and then we are set for the day ahead. Good skincare, good skin. 

2. Treatment time.

When there's a spare moment, I'll chuck on a ten minute mask and do the vacuuming, answer emails, pack lunches, make calls, put clothes away while it dries. Arbonne's Exfoliating New Cell Scrub with jojoba beads doubles as a mask because it has bentonite clay in it to draw our any impurities, and then you get the scrub benefits as you wash it off. Sweet deal.

3. In the evening.

When putting the kids into PJ's and brushing teeth, that's when I get my makeup off and do my nighttime routine. Anything after 8pm and I'm too tired, so teeth brushing time (which can take an interminably long number of minutes) means one can wash the day away and apply all those nutrient-rich goodies to work while you're snoozing and dreaming.

4. Bedside manner.

A powerful lip treatment from the Intelligence range by Arbonne is the perfect sleeping buddy, I keep mine by the bed. That way, there's no forgetting to take it! Or at the very least, they watch me while I'm sleeping, and there's got to be some benefit in that, don't you reckon?

5. While you were sleeping.

I've taken to pimping my skincare routine so that the evenings are the time when we can truly rejuvenate overnight. Our Advanced Cellular Renewal Mask is not for the faint-hearted, but start a minute or two at a time, and work up to using it overnight, so you can Cleanse, use the Genius Pads, and apply a thin layer of Cellular Renewal Mask before finishing with a touch of your favourite night cream! I like the fact that it works while I sleep. Another option is our Soothing Overnight Mask. Heaven.

Oh and drink water, get enough sleep and eat well (says she with the current ice cream addiction).

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As the happy recipient two young boys under five, a gorgeous thriller writer husband, two businesses and a slightly neurotic poodle, life is full, funny, busy... complete with a two year old who would prefer to be a nudist all-year-round but especially during winter. 

But just sometimes, it's hard to carve out time to bring one back to one's pre-bridal, youthful, radiant self. Especially without having slept in - oh - years.

For those of you that haven't made it your business to test out of your favourite botanically-based Swiss beauty range, here's my Top Ten Arbonne pamper picks for women, men, and a few gift ideas that will have any lucky recipient in raptures.

  1. Makeup Primer - Did you hear? Not to prime is a crime. Don't be a law breaker; get that silky stuff on. It helps foundation stay flawless for longer, which helps when one has fallen asleep in one's makeup and is running late for school drop offs the following morning. ($51) 
  2. It's a Long Story Mascara - Our high performance product opens the eye as it lengthens, so you can put your eyelash curlers to better use, like assisting with making mud pies at the correct consistency.
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