You're bringing on a new consultant! Here's where having a system helps you get it right, each time.

Please use our five point plan to start your new consultant off strong.

Please note these operating procedures are constantly being improved, if you have a suggestion, email  

Five point plan

  1. Sign up
  2. Announce
  3. First email
  4. First meeting
  5. Additional tools  

Sign up

  • Talk to your upline first to understand how to best do the online sign up (or we can do the sign up together)
  • You can put the first order through at the same time, or do the sign up first for a quicker start
  • Consultant will get their ID and password, giving immediate access to The Source (our online resource)
  • Arbonne will send the consultant's pack out in the mail (including your catalogues, samples and other information)
  • After signing up, you can send the consultant their first email with links (see below)
  • If signing up in person, provide the consultant with one Gold Bag on loan until their products arrive
  • Book in your first meeting together in the next 1-3 days



First email

  • New consultant page to share: 
  • Homework: ask your new consultant to think about and send their WHY to you in a short paragraph
  • Reconfirm the date, time and location of your first meeting

First meeting


Additional tools 

Remember, success looks like duplication, so do everything your upline has shown you, and show your team how to do the same!
— Sar Allen