This is the morning of a quite a day ahead. Because today is something special.

A new product is being released into the world.

It’s in direct response to us, listening to you, the people we want to work with.

You've told us you love this business idea.

You've told us you'd like to earn some extra money.

You definitely love the products enough to do this business, and would use them yourself and tell a few other people.

But there's one thing stopping you. You have a smidgy concern.

You feel too busy ...

that you don't. have. enough. time.

I get it. With two kids, a part-time job, a social / marketing business, a very demanding poodle, not to mention a gorgeous thriller writing husband who is making his way to the top of the New York Times Bestseller list, there's not much time to catch up on trash TV these days.

Despite that, our team is building our Arbonne businesses very successfully in the nooks and crannies of our lives.

We're taking it to the top. And as you know, we love the fact that the way business works is changing!

Why? Because I have a vision of how we can choose our kids future education, own a home or two, drive a shiny white Mercedes (and not have to pay for it), travel the world, secure our retirement, pay for our kids weddings, and have the time and money to give back to the incredible causes that are important to us.

Here's the thing.

We are having this business adventure to achieve our many and varied dreams, but we also want it for you.

So we've spent lots of time thinking about how we can make an Arbonne business work for you in the very limited time you have. 

(because this business is truly like playdough, it fits into your life)

As the quote says:

And more than a dozen of you have said to me you want to start early next year. But what happens in early next year? School goes back, work heats up, momentum kicks in.

that's the time for a new business to go go GO!

So, we’ve taken a step back, looked at what you need to know for our business succeed, and put it in a new format, one that works for the busy person.

What we've done is this.

We've mapped out an easy path anyone can take in just an hour or two a week, wherever you are, to train up on doing the business, with just a laptop or a phone, over the Summer break.

We want doing business to be profitable, manageable, enjoyable, full of prosperity, growth and learning - not to mention featuring an abundance of healthy glowing skin and hair. 

Most of all, we want it to be fun.

So here’s what we’ve done.

(drum roll)

Arbonne business bootcamp


We've our worked our patooties off to create an easy-to-manage training product, back to our business roots, that helps us work smart, enjoy learning a great new skill over summer, and - and as long as you are coachable - this will set your new part-time business up so you are rocking and rolling come 1 February 2015.

It's the ultimate way to learn how to start an online business, understand the beauty and smarts of network marketing (which according to Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki is the business of the 21st century) AND start to earn money in your first month.

here's how it works

In just six weeks, over the free and easy Summer break, you'll start, launch and learn the ropes of your new network marketing business, using audio training, just an hour a week.

If you'd like to do a 30 minute 1-on-1 session by phone or Skype to maximise your learning, that's on the table too. But only if it works for you.

There's even the option to add on again: learn to do the presentation and to do some in-person training on the events while getting your business happening. But again, only if it works for you. Otherwise we park it until the new year.

If you can put what you learn into action from the training, it means you will have established your own strong and sustainable business by the start of 2015, earning money in your new business and setting up for success - and that's just the beginning!

You see, Arbonne is ALL about consuming incredible quality botanically-based health, wellness and skincare products. It’s about redirecting your personal care expenditure into an income stream, and showing other people how to do the same.

And this course is about showing people how to set your business in action, how to create a personalised business plan, get to the very first level of management, and show you how to teach others to do that same thing.

what you'll learn

Everything you dreamed of is on the other side of fear.

In easy to manage, hour-long chunks of audio, this course curated and delivered by the masters of network marketing business will teach you...

  • Week One:
    • AUDIO: Why vision, belief and dreaming are so important - and how to do it every day
    • 1-2-1: New consultant training and goal-setting
    • Optional: Informal business pre-launch drinks and presentation
  • Week Two:
    • AUDIO: What is network marketing and why is it the business of the 21st Century?
    • 1-2-1: Creating your personalised business plan, mapping your network and booking your calendar
    • Optional: The foundations of and secret to a strong, sustainable, growing business
  • Week Three:
    • AUDIO: Creating your 60-second story
    • 1-2-1: Personal development in 30 mins a day, presenting the business and the power of duplication
  • Week Four:
    • AUDIO: Different types of events in Arbonne - face-to-face and online
    • 1-2-1: How events can help you build a strong, sustainable business
    • Optional: Ultimate facial for friends
  • Week Five:
    • AUDIO: Onboarding a new consultant
    • 1-2-1: Learning the Success Plan inside out (management levels 1 and 2)
  • Week Six:
    • AUDIO: "I can't sell" - Working through common objections
    • 1-2-1: The Results Approach - the proven method of prospecting, presenting and following up 
    • Optional: Business launch
  • Week Seven:
    • AUDIO: Online website systems, webstats, order processing 
    • 1-2-1: Using social media effectively and setting up your Arbonne page
  • Week Eight:
    • AUDIO: Compliance and principles for best practice in Network Marketing
    • 1-2-1: Examples of best practice from Arbonne leaders and business entrepreneurs
  • Week Nine:
    • AUDIO: Building leaders not followers 
    • 1-2-1: Momentum and bringing on new consultants using the Results Approach

Why audio?

We love audio. You can listen to it in the bath, at the Gym, in the car, in bed, on the beach, on the boat, in the kitchen. You can be doing something, or nothing. You can listen to it more than once. You can be hands free, or taking notes. So it’s versatile. It’s the perfect medium for the super busy person. Just like you.

And when you've done this course, you can use it too for building your own team. And this course is going to get bigger and better, and easier and faster. We're starting now and I want you to be part of it.

what does it cost?

The six-week course I am creating would usually be valued at over $5,000, but at Arbonne our method of coaching and personal development to build a million dollar business is our signature. And it's priceless.

So, the cost of this course is your full-size tester products, otherwise known as business tools, and your $105 consultant sign up fee. 

With your business tools, there are different price points for different budgets. Let me outline these a little now and our method of thinking about how we set new consultants up with a great chance of success.

My job is to show you how to set your business up for success, once you tell me what your vision of success in this business looks and feels like.

My aim is to get you to 1,000 points in a month so that you are on your way to the first level of management, and you can do this faster, or slower, depending on your goals.

The main thing is to get started. 

The only difference is your vision of what you want to build, and how fast! This relates to your goals, which we set in your first session, as soon as you sign up.

There are three ways to start, and we customise your order to suit.

Good start

Basic business tools + some products for you (including a free product).
Approx. cost: $500 + $105 Consultant fee + shipping and GST.

great start

Success pack of business tools (50%) + some products for you (including a free product).
Approx. cost: $1000 + $105 Consultant fee + shipping and GST.

Awesome start

1000 points of business tools + some products for you (including a free product).
Approx. cost: $1500 + $105 Consultant fee + shipping and GST.

Don’t get hung up on the money part too much right now. We tailor your business to your budget – I want to show you how doable it is… and you’ll be able to get LOTS of Christmas shopping done at 80% off discount in the process (I’ll tell you about that once we have your business tools sorted out!)

remember: this business works

What would you do, if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Believe in yourself, be consistent, and stay in it for the long run. It's no get rich quick scheme. But the reoccurring income possibilities are limitless – easily an extra $500 to $50,000 a month.

Arbonne is in incredible momentum right now. We've had 77% growth in the past year. We account for 15% of the global business. We're exploding in activity and Sydney is still wide open and ready to be conquered and leaders waiting to be made.

And remember, the concept is just so simple - we're all about using Arbonne products that you love, and getting paid for telling people and using them yourself.

So - I wish Eye of the Tiger were playing at the moment - get into a 'survival of the fittest' mentality, decide to make 2015 your year, and JOIN ME in our summer business school adventure!

Start working on your tomorrow, today 

Put your life dreams back on the table and chase them down using Arbonne as the vehicle for your success.

Start now, over summer, when you have that little bit of space and time to do something new. You’ll be up and coached and your business running by early 2015.

And rather than thinking “what if it doesn’t work” why not take the attitude: “what if it does”?

Thanks for taking the time to read this. It's big. It's exciting. We're doing it. I can't wait to talk to you about it. 

With love and business-in-summertime bubbles,

Sar x

Ps Growing up, I had this art print on my wall that said “everything’s nicer when shared with a friend.” Why not share this link with a friend and see if they want to do my Arbonne Business Summer School with you? You could have your first consultant already.