The Results Approach

This audio is all about the importance of learning and practicing the Results Approach.

We call it the results approach, 'cos it gets results. It has brought success in the US, UK and Australia is building momentum with this approach too.

It is more sophisticated than the traditional 'party' model - we are building a network of consultants who love the products as much as us and CHOOSE TO CONSUME THE PRODUCTS FROM THEIR OWN ONLINE STORE, and get paid for redirecting their personal care spending, and showing a FEW OTHER PEOPLE HOW TO DO THE SAME.

Here's a couple of audios to take you through it in more detail.

Using the Results Approach

Using the Gold Bags Effectively

With love and business bubbles,

Sar x

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1. Contact your friend / person you think would be a good fit.

2. Ask by phone if possible, or text, FB if you don't have their phone contact details.

3. Ask when they have time for a coffee in coming days.

4. When they respond, let them know its relating a new business idea you're excited to share with them.

5. You don't have to say much more than that - just pop it in your diary and theirs.

6. Book the time in with your upline as well, for those first starting the business - it's really important that your upline come to the first 5-6 meetings with you, even if you do it by phone, like a "Coffee Skype catch up" doing the presentation on all of your computers. If it's in person, it's just a coffee but again we have a general way of doing the presentation and this is how you will learn it. Also, this is how you will teach your own team so it's important you learn the system properly as it's all about DUPLICATION!

7. Take products for people so they are trying the products 'gold bag' or 'blue bag' after the presentation.

8. During the presentation, we book in a time to follow up in three days after that, and go from there. There are some useful Learn and Burn sessions around managing common objections on The Source for those interested in furthering their knowledge. (Also see Managing Common Objections document here)