Events Build Your Business

As we know, our incredible products are at the heart of our business, and therefore to build trust in our brand and a better understanding of our unique botanically-based formulations is through running good events.

Events expand our network by helping us meet people who could be interested in the business. They are fun and provide a rare opportunity to receive a luxury treatment in the comfort of your own home, while showing the people benefits of our many products. 

There are three outcomes we work towards in doing an event.

1. To find people who might be interested in the business

2. To book more events in the future

3. To sell products to people looking for our incredible, top-of-the-range product difference.

Read about Arbonne events, including some interesting videos by other Arbonne consultants.

Listen to an audio about running effective events here.

Additional information


1. Call your friend or person who has indicated interest in hosting an event - make sure you already have some dates in mind, be prepared!

2. Again, phone is absolutely best to get as much of the booking done in one shot.

3. You could say something like:

As you know, I've started my business recently and I'm absolutely loving it. I need to build my business, so it would be a huge favour to me if you could get some people together for a facial featuring our products. It would mean the world to me and would be a big help to me too. I would absolutely look after you with a free product. Are you available on X date and X time or Y date at Y time?

4. Pencil the time in both of your calendars as soon as you can - and also for your upline for the first few events

5. That day, we usually send the person a thank you note and sample in the mail saying how much you appreciate their help and looking forward to making the event a fun success.

6. Stay in touch with the host in the lead up to the event - one idea is to leave a basket of pamper products with the host in the lead up to the event so they can experience and talk about the products they enjoyed during the event!


See how simple it can be? The wording, the booking something into your calendar, and learning through doing.

I'd love your feedback and questions.

With love and business bubbles,

Sar x