What is High Vibrational Living?

Sar Allen coaches and mentors successful women and men across the world on how to raise their energy and vibration.

We have a choice each day: to raise our vibration in the face of both good and challenging times. As a leading energy coach, Sar shows people what it means to cultivate a high vibration and demystify the science of high vibrational living.

Sar Allen creates offerings that raise human consciousness and encourage people to create a life of soul, connection and abundance. As an energy mentor, high vibe coach, intuitive guide, and wellness entrepreneur, Sar works on realising the best version of herself each day and shows other people how to do the same.

High Vibe Coaching is about learning how to hold a high vibration despite external evidence, contrary to 3D reality - and how to do this for yourself each day. This is backed by quantum physics and the science of matter and energy. Sar shows people how to get more comfortable with all that is changeable in life and face our fears daily in order to bust through our upper limits.

Join our clan of high vibe successful individuals and become part of the movement to raise our energy and lift the collective consciousness of our planet.

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The energy of the mind is the essence of life.
— Aristotle

Quantum physics says that as you go deeper and deeper into the workings of the atom, you see that there is nothing there – just energy waves. It says an atom is actually an invisible force field, a kind of miniature tornado, which emits waves of electrical energy.

Those energy waves can be measured and their effects seen, but they are not a material reality, they have no substance because they are… well, just electricity. So science now embraces the idea that the universe is made of energy.


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Quote of the Day

Consciousness asleep is matter, and consciousness awakened is consciousness. All is consciousness.
— Osho